Sunex Bench Grinder Review

The Sunex tools bench grinder is packed with features. There are two grinder wheels, one is a medium 60 grit grinder. The other is a 36 grit grinder wheel. There is a light and a protective eye cover to provide safety for both professionals and every day consumers. It is backed by a 1-year warranty from Sunex tools. Check latest pricing here >>

Sunex Bench Grinder Base

The base is made of heavy cast iron that provides both stability to reduce vibration and durability for long term use. Although the grinder comes with safety eye shields, operators are reminded to use personal eye protection at all times. The Sunex bench grinder comes with rubber feet. It can be mounted on a stand, on your work table or your work bench.

Adjustable Tool Rest

There is an adjustable tool rest made from aluminum. It is important to keep the tools you are working on stable when grinding and sharpening. The tool rest can be adjusted to meet almost any requirement. Sometimes the aluminum tool rest will need to be bent into shape to fit the tool being worked on.

The light comes with a flex-neck to ensure maximum light on each grinding project. The manufacturer recommends a 40-watt bulb to be used in the flex-neck light.

Sunex-Bench-Grinder Specs

Sunex Bench Grinder Features


  • Motor - 5AMP

  • Power - ¾ HP

  • Speed - 3450 RPM

  • Voltage - 115V/ 60HZ

  • Weight - 36.6 lbs

  • Dimensions - 16 * 14.2 * 10.8 inches

  • Made in - China

  • Size - 8 inches

  • Power Source - Electric powered

  • Power Cord - 6-foot cord

  • Stand - Yes

  • Work Light - Yes

  • Grinding Wheel - Two 8 inch wheels, coarse 36 and Medium 60 grit

  • Spark Guard - Yes

  • Eye Shield - Yes

  • Base - Cast Iron

  • Listing - UL & CSA certified

When this review was written there were over 40 reviews, with 84% giving this grinder a 4-star rating or better out of a maximum of 5. 16% rated the grinder a 3 star or lower. The following summarizes what consumers liked and disliked about the Sunex bench grinder.

What Sunex Bench Grinder Buyers Liked

Consumers found that once you bolted the grinder down to a work table, there was very little vibration. The grinder wheels are 1-inch wide and much better than other budget priced grinders. Many users found this grinder fit all of their needs quite well for the price range that it in. If the grinder wheels are slightly out of round there will be some vibration. This can be dealt with by always securing the grinder to a bench securely and using grinder wheels that are well balanced and round. From a pure safety aspect all grinders should be secured to a work bench or table.

Several consumers replaced the grinder wheels that came with the device with grinder wheels that fit their requirements more closely for the sharpening jobs they had in mind. They found that there was plenty of power and the motor spun up to full speed quickly.

The product was very well packed. One customer liked the grinder so much they ordered a second one and equipped it with different grit stones and a wire heel. He did not want to change wheels every time he had a different job to do.

Many consumers have had grinders before this one and found overall this Sunex bench grinder to be the best grinder they have owned to date for the price. Many consumers indicated that it is a great grinder for the price. If you need a professional style grinder, consumers should look for a higher price model.

What Buyers Didn't Like

There are no rear exhaust ports at the back of the grinder. Some owners found that there was a lot of vibration and had to return the grinder. The tool rests are made from aluminum and are easily bent. Cast iron would be better, however once the tool rest is bent into shape, they operated well. The grinding wheel has 1/8 inch of wobble which can cause vibration of the grinder. Some users felt that it was cheap junk and returned it to the manufacturer. One consumer did not receive instructions with his grinder.

Is The Sunex Bench Grinder Right For You?

The majority of consumers found the Sunex bench grinder met their needs quite well. Quality levels met their expectations. The grinder spun up to full speed quickly and did not vibrate providing the grinding wheels were well secured and balanced. This is not an industrial grinder. It is more than suitable for most consumers sharpening and grinding needs.

84 percent of customers gave this grinder a 4 out of 5 rating or better. There were also some customers who were dissatisfied and returned the machine due to excessive vibration. This may have been caused by poor balance of the grinding wheels.

The manufacturer suggests that the grinder should be secured to a work table or work bench for safety reasons. It also comes with a tool guide, spark guard and eye shield. They also recommend that proper protective eye wear should always be worn when using any grinder. Read more here >>


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