How Do You Make a Bench Grinder Stand? (4 Easy Tips)

If you do not have a workbench, then it would be a good idea to build your own bench grinder stand. This way you can design it to fit your grinding needs and your stature. A custom-made stand may be the answer to your grinding issues.

How do you make a bench grinder stand? One of the more common ways is to use some strong wood, a few screws, glue, saw and measuring tape. In a few hours, you can have that perfect bench grinding stand that suits you.

As you know there are a variety of ways and materials you can use to make your own bench grinder stand. Just continue to read to get some great ideas on how to design and put together your own stand.

Bench Grinder Stand Ideas

People can be very creative when they put their minds to it. The following ideas show that creativity and innovation:

  • Wall bracket stand - this uses a steel wall bracket, steel arm with a pad big enough to hold your bench grinder.
  • Small adjustable stand - this can be made from wood or metal.and the arms would need to have holes big enough to slide the arms up or down as you see fit.
  • Wood wall mount stand - the cabinet holds a deck for a bench grinder and under that deck are to hide away shelves. You can put a top shelf on to hold an adjustable light and small tools.
  • Tire rim stand - take one rim from an old tire and weld a 6-8 piece of round steel tube to it. On top of the tube weld a metal deck large enough to hold your grinder.
  • Roll away cart stand - use an old tool cart with wheels and secure your bench grinder to it. A bottom shelf holds your tools, etc.

Bench Grinder Stand Dimensions


The good thing about making our own bench grinder stand is that you can make it to any dimension you want that is feasible and easy to use. You can go small, like the wall bracket stand above, or larger with then a workbench style stand and so on.

The key is to make sure the stand is stable, sturdy and able to hold not only the bench grinder but withstand the vibrations that come with bench grinding metal. You can add in shelves like wood wall mount cabinet or the metal cart on wheels stands.

The other key is that the deck of your stand is large enough to hold your bench grinder comfortably. You will need to have that deck thick enough to secure your bench grinder to it safely.

Bench Grinder Stand on Wheels


Having your bench grinder attached to a stand with wheels is safe. That is if you have locking wheels on the bottom of the stand. The last thing you want is for the stand to roll away while you are in the middle of grinding.

One bench grinder stand on wheels we liked is a nice wood framed cabinet. The top deck had a wood safety rim so your bench grinder, even if it could move, would not walk off the edge of the stand.

Then the cabinet had 1 x 2 supports with plywood sides. Three sides were closed in and the fourth side was left open. This allowed the builder to construct simple pull out shelves for small tools and other bench grinding items.

A bottom shelf was stationary and helped provide support for the walls and bench grinder. Underneath it all were sturdy lockable wheels that could withstand the weight and the stress of grinding.

Innovation coupled with common sense allows you to build a bench grinder stand with wheels.

How to Build a Wooden Bench Grinder Stand


How to do this depends on the type of material you use. Metal stands are a little bit different from using wood and takes a different skill set to put together. Here is one example of how to put together a wood bench grinder stand.

It is a very simple design and should not take you a long time to build.

1. You first cut the 4 by 4 beam to the height you want your bench grinder to sit at. Make allowances for the deck thickness.

2. Cut a long piece of 2 by 4 into 30 cm lengths.

3. Cut off one corner of those small pieces but do not throw away those wedges. You will need them later.

4. Glue and screw those 30 cm pieces to the 4 x 4 post. This should give you a very stable base.

5. Cut an appropriate size deck from plywood and mark where the top of the beam will sit. Pre-drill your holes to attach the bolts that hold the deck to the beam.

6. Glue and screw the deck to the beam. Then take those leftover wedges and glue and screw them to both the beam and the deck. This is your deck support.

7. Flip it over and you are done except for any painting or staining you want to do.

That is it. A very simple bench grinder stand that shouldn’t take that long to make. This also shouldn’t cost you a lot to make and may be almost free if you have good scraps lying around your workshop.

If you want to go more elaborate and be more creative then you will need to factor in more materials and their cost. You will also need to add in a lot more time. It all depends on you. There are few regulations governing a DIY bench grinder stand.

Just stay within reason.

Some Final Words

You are not stuck to attaching your bench grinder to your traditional workbench. Besides you may not have one or you do not have enough room on it to place your grinder.

That is where being innovative can come in handy. You can design your own bench grinder stand and be as simple or as creative as you can be. Just design to fit your needs while keeping the bench grinder secure, stable and at comfortable heights.

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