The 12 Best Bench Grinder Brands (Reliable and Top Quality)

Looking for that great bench grinder? They are not hard to find. A little research and you should be able to find the bench grinder brand and bench grinder that will work for you. A good bench grinder

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How to Replace a Bench Grinder Capacitor (Helpful Guide)

You can save money by doing your power tool repairs yourself. Bench grinders may be intimidating for some people, but repairing them is not that difficult. Once you know how to do it, you can replace broken

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Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Bench Grinder?

As you press the metal to the grinding wheel, you create a lot of sparks. These sparks are hot and can cause you some burns if you are not careful. Using hand protection is a smart move to make.Should

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How to Use a Bench Grinder to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Mowing your lawn gives you time to yourself. As you push or ride your mower over your yard, you can take time to think, enjoy the fresh air and take a break from the stress of your workweek. But like all

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How Do You Make a Bench Grinder Stand? (4 Easy Tips)

If you do not have a workbench, then it would be a good idea to build your own bench grinder stand. This way you can design it to fit your grinding needs and your stature. A custom-made stand may be the

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How Many Watts Does a Bench Grinder Use? (Wattage Options)

Sometimes it is all about power. Bench grinders are power tools and they need a constant supply of power to work correctly. But that may mean your electricity bill may go up each month, or will it.

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How to Use a Bench Grinder to Sharpen Tools: Complete Guide

Cleaning up old tools is not a problem. That is why you bought a bench grinder in the first place. You want to extend the life of your old tools and make them like new again. Bench grinders can easily

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How to Remove a Bench Grinder Wheel (10 Easy Tips)

You will always make a change. No matter how long or short you have owned your bench grinder, you will have to change the grinding wheel at some point. The wheels wear down, or you have a task that

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How to Put a Buffing Wheel on a Bench Grinder

Bench grinders are handy tools. They can help reshape a piece of metal, take off burrs and sharp edges and even polish the metal for you. It is all in the wheel you use. Changing the wheels from a regular

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How to Clean and Dress a Bench Grinder Wheel (Helpful Tips)

Even bench grinder wheels need to get dressed. Anything can happen to a bench grinder grinding wheel. That is why it is important to regularly clean it and do what is called dressing. The dressing makes

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