Bench Grinder Stand Buying Guide

Having a Grinder Stand can make grinder easier and save space on the workbench.

More shops in the old days had many of their tools mounted on their workbench. But, in today's working environment, it just isn't very practical or safe. Instead, workshops are setting up separate work areas or workstations with a clear area around things like drill presses, band saws, and bench grinders.

By doing this, you have a more efficient workspace as you can maneuver your project from a Jig Table where the basic assembly takes place, where everything it is welded in place. Then you can do the touch up grinding there as well. However, cutting the parts and shaping them should be done on different machines and the final shaping is often done on a grinder to shape a part for an exact fit. So, if your workshop is set up in an assembly line fashion the work goes much smoother. If you implement KANBAN, Shingo, and JIT methodology, you can make a multi-person workshop run like a well-oiled machine.

The bench grinder is a key element in any workshop DIY or pro. It shapes the metal and then smoothes it and polishes out all the rough spots. So, you need it easily accessible with plenty of free space around it for safety and ease of work. This is why people are now turning to work stands. HTC has an entire line of these helpers, and the only differences are the jigs, platforms, and the uses they are meant for.

You can use such a stand in two forms one is the Pedestal with a central pylon and feet radiation out at the base. The second is a multi-legged platform that provides stability and support for the heavy weight of today's grinders.

Today we are going to review 5 different variants of these Bench Grinder Stands, and from them, you can find the one that suits you best.

What To Look For In A Bench Grinder Stand

Make sure it can be bolted to the floor

Grinders today are lighter than in previous years. However, they are still heavy machines. If you are going to be using a pedestal stand, you will want to bolt it into the floor. Almost all the stands today have this provision. Others have a large proportion of their weight in the lower quarter of the bodies. You also should remember the use of a bench grinder entails a great deal of forward pressure and you do not want to be following the grinder around the workshop.

Bench Grinder Stand Adjustable Height

People’s heights vary as well as they nowadays like to sit while working. So, if possible get a stand that can adjust to a comfortable height for the work you are doing. But, you also need to have a secure locking system that will hold your grinder at the height you have chosen.

The platform should have slots as well and place to bolt the bench grinder to

In order to securely mount your grinder to the stand, it is best to have a combination of slots and holes that allow your stand to support your model of grinder and to lock it into place. You also want a mounting plate that is thick enough not to warp under the weight of your grinder.

Make sure the stand is stable

Along with the ability to hold the weight of your grinder, keep the weight low, and you need to have legs that when tightened keep everything on an even keel. This means that when you have assembled your stand the legs needed to be either adjustable or when you have tighten them properly the mounting plate is horizontal when you are finished.

Read the reviews carefully

Before buying any bench grinder stand. Go online and look it up. Ignore the high rated reviews and look at the lower ranked reviews first.

Then peruse the positives. Pay attention to assembly, quality, and workmanship.

You can see by the wording that the reviewer actually knows about the item and is balanced in their opinion, giving you positives and negatives as well. Look for reoccurring themes and patterns of speech.

Keep these thoughts in mind, and you will be able to pick a grinder stand that will suit your needs.

Now let’s take a look at our choices for Best Bench Grinder Stands for 2017.

Our Top Recommendations

WEN Cast Iron Stand


If you want an inexpensive bench grinder pedestal, this is the way to go. You have a 9.9" X 12.4" steel mounting plate, and it will handle various configurations of bolt alignments.

When it's all put together, it is 31.5 inches tall, and it includes a water tray that helps you cool things off a bit.

What buyers liked (pros)

● I like the feel of this bench. I can even add casters if I want a mobile grinding station as my business expand. I filled the post with concrete to add weight

● In spite of what people think, you can mount a vise on this grinder stand. I do axle & wheel work. This bench holds up very well

● Works great with the WEN 6" Grinder

● Easy to put together, You might want it bolted to the floor if you want the extra stability

● Puts together in 5 and it, If you want to use it with the WEN 8" Variable Speed Grinder, you need to drill holes. It will line up with WEN 8" Slow Grinder though

What buyers didn't like (cons)

● Amazon says this will work with the WEN 8" Variable Speed Grinder. This isn't true at all

● The pedestal is heavy cast iron. But the platform is sheet metal


Look toward WEN and their 4288 Cast Iron Grinder bench stand, when you need a grinding position for your DIY workshop or small business. It is heavy enough to hold most grinders steady in place without wobbling.


● Finally, Amazon got their wording straight in the advert and now gives the correct info as to which WEN grinders it will match up with.

● It is not the most expensive bench grinder pedestal stand, and that puts in the range of most DIY workshops.

● However, the grinder mounting plate is sheet metal thought is sturdy enough for most applications.

So, it will get the job done and at an economical price. Read more here >>

Pit Bull Bench Grinder Stand

Bench Grinder Stand Features

The Pitt Bull lives up to its name for stubborn ruggedness and wouldn't give up. This is what you will find when you are, searching keywords on Google like "buy bench grinder stand."

The MOKOTO Corp brings this bench grinder stand to you. They know that you want a platform that has a tool tray with four solid legs that support almost all models of grinders. Along with most sanders, you can find out on the market today. It has a solid steel mounting plate that measures 7-7/8" x 8 3/4".

With this grinder stand in your shop or garage, grind metal becomes a simple task no matter what kind of grinder you have or are planning to buy.

What buyers liked (pros)

● I wanted my grinder off my work bench, and this grinder bench stand does the job right on

● I had just enough money to buy a bench grinder with stand and settled on a Ryobi 8" grinder, and the Pitt Bull stand. The pedestal grinder price wasn't that attractive for what I wanted. It also didn't look very steady. So, I chose the Pitt Bull instead

● There are many bench grinder stands for sale on Amazon, and this one caught my eye as it was priced right and it was a fit for the spot I had picked out in my workshop

● I tested mine with an anvil first before I mounted my grinder. I now have a bench grinder stand that I know can take the load and not collapse under the weight of my grinder

What buyers didn't like (cons)

● Poor instructions on how to put it together

● Has two only two mounting holes instead of slots as in most other stands



This is an ok stand, which will handle many of the grinders out there. It looks like to be a copy of one of the larger maker's grinder stands.

Having said that, it does get your grinder off your workbench and is a stable work surface for a heavy grinder. It’s pretty basic though it does have a roomy tool tray and while it doesn't rate 5 Stars, it does hold up its end of work you want to be done. Read more here>>

JET Pedestal Stand For Bench Grinders

Pedestal Stand Features

This is a solid piece of work. When you want to have a pedestal grinder you can rely on this is the stand you want to be supporting it. It will handle all the pressures of day-to-day shop work and it has a slotted plate that will not only accommodate ALL JET Bench Grinders but most of the others out there as well. It also has pre-drilled holes as well that make mounting a grinder easy and fast. Check latest prices here >>

The cooling tank is integrated with a tool tray that mounts to the pedestal mount and is height adjustable.

What buyers liked (pros)

If you follow the directions online from the other owners in drilling your own holes and a few other modifications, you have a solid platform for a pedestal bench grinder.

The mounting plate will handle a wide variety of Bench Grinders, Not only JET but DEWALT as well as others.

It has mounting possibilities for other bench tools besides just grinders. I have a belt sander as well as a drill press on one of these pedestals.

Once you get past the problems with the mounting hardware. You have a platform that can be bolted solidly to your concrete floor through the three bolt holes in the floor base. Even without them is has a wide base which keeps things steady as a rock.

What buyers didn't like (cons)

● The shipping container is the biggest problem. It is not strong enough to hold all this metal and make it to its destination unscathed.

● Don't use their mounting hardware. Drill out the holes and use boles from the inside out instead of the way they recommend. Do that, and you will have a bench grinder pedestal that is worth its salt.


The reviewer knows JET products and they are some of the best out there. This stand is not up to their usual standard. But, when you look beyond that and substitute your mounting hardware, you have a good solid base for your bench grinder.

So, it might be a little extra work in the beginning. However, if you look at the reviews online the owners are for the most part 65% still give it 5 Stars.

The reviewer knows his way around a shop since high school and is aware that to get things to work in a shop you need to modify things to get the job done. Working later on a Nuclear Submarine, we learned to make what we needed from almost nothing.

Doing the impossible with nothing became the mantra that allowed the Submarine Service to carry the fight to Japan in WW II and this idea is still very much alive both there and in real workshops all over America, in garages, and in the Amish communities.


So, if something doesn’t fit right. An American Improvises, Adapts, and Overcomes.

This product has some rough edges. However, it can be a solid piece of shop gear with just a little work. The price of the iron alone makes it worthwhile to do.

If you want a turnkey product, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are a mechanic or shop master, you smile, break out your hole punch, and drill a couple of holes. Read more here>>

Grizzly Pedestal Stand For Bench Grinder

Bench Grinder Stand Features

Get that bench grinder of the bench is the wave of the DIYer these days. Bench space is at a premium in this world of small size workshops. It costs too much to waste space.

So having a Bench Grinder on a pedestal only makes perfect sense. A pedestal grinder takes up less space, and you can work at the right height.

The Grizzly has three feet jutting off its pedestal base that can be bolt mounted to a concrete floor.

You have the obligatory cooling tank that mounts under a slotted platform that lets you mount the grinder of your choice. Check latest price here >>

What buyers liked (pros)

● Quality that is affordable

● Made from cast iron and the paint job is the first rate. While it isn't in the big leagues, It will let you mount almost any bench grinder you can get from Amazon or at a home supply center and hardware store

● Assembles easily and the tray holds the everyday things you need

● Great price on a hard to buy item for a DIY workshop

● I moved my Bench grinder to the Grizzly. Now I have a bench grinder with stand and more room on my workbench to assemble my finished projects

● You don't have to spend a lot of cash to get quality these days, and the Grizzly bench grinder pedestal stand shows this to be true

What buyers didn't like (cons)

● You need to bolt it to the floor

● It could be a bit heavier on the bottom


The Grizzly helps you have a pedestal bench grinder at a bargain price. Though some are of the opinion that it is top heavy, it is designed to be bolted to the floor.


So, if you have a heavy grinder, it behooves you to lock everything down before using. The construction quality is superb, and at this price, it's a steal.

When you need to clear off your workbench and make some room. Taking your grinder off and moving it to a clear spot in a corner makes all the sense in the world. The Grizzly H7763 makes that thought a reality at a decent price. Read more here >>

Adjustable Bench Grinder Stand HTC

Bench Grinder Stand Features

How would you like a fully adjustable bench grinder stand?

One that goes from 25" to 41" and can hold up to 500 pounds of grinder? Well, look no further as HTC has the one you want. The HGP-10 does that and more. It has a wedge lock that has an inner sleeve that locks the platform at the height you desire. King Kong would find it impossible to budge it once set. It also has 4 splayed legs that allow for individual leveling.

The mounting plate is designed to lock almost any grinder tightly in place ready for your use. Check latest price here >>

What buyers liked (pros)

● You can sit or stand while grinding and it locks into place tightly and dependably

● I set mine up in a little over a quarter of an hour and I was ready to put my grinder to work

● Made by a US company that outsources the work, Unlike other products from third world factories this product was nicely packaged and everything was there including the instructions in English

● While it works for most grinders like a DEWALT etc. I also found that it is adaptable to other power tools. My belt sander is now on a second HGP-10

What buyers didn't like (cons)

● I found out what I thought was a crank for raising and lowering the platform was in fact, the locking bolt. I found out much to my chagrin when I turned it the wrong way

● It is taller than the ad stated after the legs and feet are in place


You need to do some upfront work first. The feet need to have their bolts cleaned of paint and flash. You also need to be careful not to over torque them.


Made in China, however, it was better quality than expected and HTC uses this basic design on over 10 other products and just changes out the platform at the top.

It pops together in under a half hour and if you put it together first without tightening the bolts.

Then level it by tightening everything a little at a time. It will go together aligned and without distortion.

Nice little product and it is versatile and makes your workshop less cluttered. Read more here >>


Today, you have not only looked at 5 of the best Bench Grinder Stands. You now know what to look for to ensure you are getting your money's worth. Bench grinders are key elements in a workshop today. Even in the new and evolving world of 3D printing. Bench grinders are needed to shape composites, plastics, and the metal alloys that will soon be the mainstay of technology in the future. However, even the traditional methods of fabrication still in use have put new demands on the grinders of today. They have changed to adapt to this brave new world. New alloys and materials make them lighter than before. However, while they have gotten lighter but they still require a sturdy platform to support them.

The stands we've highlighted for you today all have this characteristic. Along with that, they all exhibit the ability to mount a wide variety of grinders. Even those designed for a particular company's products will also support a wide variety of other parties’ products (OPPs) as well.

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