The 12 Best Bench Grinder Brands (Reliable and Top Quality)

Looking for that great bench grinder? They are not hard to find. A little research and you should be able to find the bench grinder brand and bench grinder that will work for you. A good bench grinder is probably the most important tool you can have in your tool collection.

What are the 12 top quality bench grinder brands? It is the one that serves you well, has great customer service and can get your bench grinder repair to your liking quickly. Plus, it is the one that gets the job done right without any hassle.

In this article, we review bench grinders from the 12 best bands. If you are in the market for a new bench grinder, then take the few moments and read about the top bench grinder brands.

Our Bench Grinder Brand Reviews

1. Dewalt - Our rating: 93


Dewalt has a solid reputation in the construction industry. The company makes top-quality tools including its 6 and 8-inch bench grinders. The 6 inch comes with a 5/8 hp motor that powers the forward and reverse gears.

It also spins the grinding wheels at 3,450 rpm. Plus, the 1/2 arbor bench grinder comes with all the safety equipment you need to grind safely. An adjusting wrench is included so you can alter the positions of those safety accessories.

Also, Dewalt produces an 8-inch model that comes with a powerful 3/4 hp motor that spins its grinding wheels at 3,600 rpm. Large eye shields keep your eyes fully protected and safe from flying metal pieces. Then the cast-iron base cuts down on vibration while improving stability.

It is easy to see why Dewalt tops this list. The company puts out top quality products.

2. ATD Tools - Our rating: 89


This company likes innovation. It has added a light to its 8-inch bench grinder. This light makes sure you can see what you are doing without shadows. Then its round eye shields provide good protection for your eyes. The glass is clear and easy to see through.

If power is what you are after, then this ATD model uses a 3.4 hp motor to power the grinding wheels. Those wheels get up to 3,450 rpm at top speed. On top of all that ATD did not spare any expenses as they included top-quality ball bearings to help this bench grinder do its job.

The 5.8 arbor size provides you with some grinding options. Plus, you get a coarse and medium grit grinding wheels to handle all your grinding duties. There is not much else you can ask for in a bench grinder.

3. SKIL - Our rating: 85


This company also has been around for a long time making great power tools. Their 6-inch bench grinder does nothing to harm its reputation. Its 2.1 amp motor brings enough power to spin the 6 inch medium and coarse grit wheels at 3,450 rpm.

On top of that, SKIL has placed one LED light over each wheel. You do not have to re-position the light when you need to use the other grinding wheel. That makes your grinding work a lot easier.

Also, for stability, SKIL has added rubber feet. This helps the bench grinder to remain where you put it. Those feet work with the cast-iron base to cut down on vibrations and movement.

When you need to make adjustments to your grinding angle, the tool rests will work with you and move to those positions that are most comfortable for you. SKIL has thought of everything.

4. Jet - Our rating: 84


This company also puts out bench grinders in 6 and 8-inch sizes. The 6 inch uses a 1/2 hp motor to deliver 3,450 rpm. Plus, the wheel grits sizes included are 36 and 60. This gives you a little grinding choice.

Adjustable eye and spark guards protect you from any harm that comes when grinding. Also, you get an adjustable tool rest to make grinding more comfortable. The 8-inch model is similar and comes with an easy-to-use power switch and dust vents.

Jet has closed the bearings pre-lubricated the grinder so you do not have to worry about those parts. The 5.8 arbor bench grinder holds 1 hp motor and delivers up to 3,450 rpm to its 36 and 60 grit grinding wheels.

Jet has outdone itself with these two bench grinder models and makes your grinding tasks a lot more enjoyable to do.

5. WEN - Our rating: 81


Wen makes 4 top quality bench grinders. 1 6-inch regular speed and 3 different 8-inch models. The 8 inch comes in 3 speed styles- slow, regular and variable. This makes your bench grinding tasks easier to do. Plus, you can find the right grinder for your work a lot faster.

The 1/2 arbor sized 6-inch version uses a 2.1 amp motor to spin those grinding wheels up to 3,450 rpm. It also has a flexible light to make sure you do not have any dark spots hindering your vision.

The variable 8-inch version brings you grinding speeds from 2,000 to 3,400 rpm. That selection is what you need when you have low-speed tasks to perform. The included wheels run at 80 and 36 grit to make sure you can finish what you started.

A cast-iron base ensures that your bench grinder is stable and doesn‘t vibrate too much.

6. Powertec - Our rating: 80


What is nice about Powertec is that it makes an 8-inch slow speed grinder and an 8 and 6-inch regular speed model. You can select the grinder that is right for you. The slow speed version uses a 1/2 hp motor to give you only 1750 rpm.

Plus, you also get 1 inch 60 and 120 grit grinding wheels and eye guards. Its only drawback may be that it doe snot come with a tool rest. The 6 inch comes with tool rests and a coolant tray. No more reaching to dip your metal piece in a glass of water.

The latter’s 2.1 amp motor spins those 1/2 inch arbor wheels at 3,600 rpm. The wheels measure only 3/4 of an inch wide though. Adjustable safety guards can be moved closer to the wheels as they decrease in size. A cast-iron base rounds out the product and gives you vibration protection.

7. Craftsman - Our rating: 79


Craftsman has seen fit to include large tool rests on its 6 inch and 8-inch bench grinders. Then the 1/5 hp motor provides 2.5 amps of power to produce between 2,000 and 3,400 rpm. The variable speed allows you to handle a variety of grinding chores.

Also, the cast-iron base cuts don on vibration while holding the flexible light. No matter which wheel you are using, you can have light on the subject. The 8-inch model brings variable speeds as well. Although, the top speed is only 50 rpm, faster than the top speed of the 6-inch version.

All the safety guards and tool rests included in this package are adjustable and the knobs are easy to turn with your fingers. It looks like it comes with a wheel dresser as well. You can shape your wheels without having to leave home to buy a special tool.

8. Shop Fox - Our rating: 78


Shop Fox gives you a good grinder choice. You can get a 6-inch variable-speed or a 6-inch single speed bench grinder. The former comes with a built-in flexible light, a 1/2 inch arbor, and all the guards and tool rests you need.

It also brings with it 2,000 to 3,400 rpm grinding wheel speed to give you the best results The single-speed option uses a 1/3 hp motor and only allows for 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch wide grinding wheels.

The power switch is easy to reach and a simple push of your finger gets the power flowing. Shop Fox has kept its bench grinders simple for those people who like things to be simple.

All the tool rests, and safety guards are in place and you can adjust them with a simple turn of your wrench. These are basic bench grinders for those tough grinding jobs.

9. Grizzly - Our rating: 76


Another slimmed down, basic, simple to use bench grinders for those who do not want a lot of bells and whistles in the way as they work. They want to get in, grind and then get back to their other tasks and this bench grinder allows that to happen.

Its 1.2 hp motor still provides you with 3,450 rpm which is enough speed to get you in, grind, and get out. The oversized eye protection guards make sure your eyes do not meet up with any sparks or metal shards.

But if you want some bells and whistles, you might want to try out their other6 inch model. It comes with a grinding wheel dresser, a flexible light, and a wire wheel. Its 1/3 motor produces 3,450 rpm and uses a 36 grit grinding wheel coupled with a wire brush wheel.

A 1/2 arbor handles the fitting duties.

10. Rockwell - Our rating: 75


What is the best feature on this bench grinder option is the spark or tongue guard. It blocks the sparks and other pieces of metal driving them away from you and keeps you safe. This guard combines with the eye guard to make sure you do not see any flying pieces headed your way.

Its 2 amp or 1/3 hp motor spins the 36 and 60 grit wheels effortlessly. You can be assured your grinding tasks will get done on time when you turn to this bench grinder to handle your grinding duties.

The adjustable tool rest also keeps your hands and arms comfortable as you sharpen your tools to perfection. The simple to use bench grinder is great for those beginning their grinding careers. A simple to use rocker power switch shuts off the electricity quickly.

11. Delta Power - Our rating: 72


Delta is known for making good power tools at an affordable cost. The only difference between the 8-inch bench grinder and its 6-inch counterpart is that the adjustment knobs are larger and easier to see on the 8-inch model.

Delta has placed a flexible light on both models and gives them their own power switch. When you have enough light you can switch the light off without affecting the grinder.

The 5 amp motor on the 8-inch grinder gives you speeds between 2,000 and 3,400 rpm. Plus, you get 36 and 60 grit wheels to get you started. The 6 inch does the same and gives you the same safety features.

Delta is not scrimping when it comes to its bench grinders. You get quality, features, and even rubber feet to cut down movement and vibration.

12. Metabo - Our rating: 69


It may be last but it is not least. This company has thought outside the box a little and produces 4 different sizes of bench grinders. You can purchase a 6, 7 8 and even a 10-inch model if you so choose.

That is the only real observable difference between them. The 8-inch model has an 1 inch arbor size and reaches speeds up to 3570 rpm. The 7-inch version is the same. All the models are built to cut down vibration while giving you top grinding performance.

The unique power switch needs 2 buttons, One to shut off the motor and one to turn it on. All 4 models come with the same setup. It will all depend on your grinding needs which one you select to use.

Answers to Your Questions

1. Are these grinders all affordable?

Yes, they are and their cost will depend on where you by them.

2. Which is better a variable speed or a single speed?

In the long run, variable speed is best. You do not have to buy another bench grinder if you need higher or lower speeds when you grind certain objects.

Some Final Comments

You see the benefits of the top 12 good brand bench grinders. The ball is now in your court as to which one is right for you. Do your own research and make sure you get the one that will fit your grinding needs.

When you go with one of the top bench grinder brands, you are usually assured that you are going home with a winner of a bench grinder. The top bench grinder brand names also usually stand behind their products and give you great customer service.

When you want top results, you go with the best bench grinder brands.

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