Ryobi Bench Grinder Review

Most of the time, equipment used in workshops tend to lose their sharpness and effectiveness. It might be as a result of rust, presence of large chunk of impurities or other related factors. Equipment in this condition become very difficult to use, requiring higher level of human effort and still won’t deliver as much as expected. Thanks to the advancement of technology, some machines have been invented to curb the effect of this factor by sharpening the equipment and removing necessary impurity to ensure the equipment is as effective as expected. One of these kinds of machine is the bench grinder. This bench grinder has many uses, including grinding, sharpening and removal of impurities in home and home and kitchen equipment.

Bench grinders are a portable version of bigger, industrial version grinding machines that are found in many metal working workshops. The bench grinders operate by spinning at high velocity to remove materials, which can either be wood or metal, by abrasion. The abrasion involves lots of friction and so they produce a high amount of heat. This has in turn caused some discomfort in the use of bench grinders. There have been massive improvements though in the latest Ryobi version of these bench grinders; introducing Ryobi 6 inches portable bench grinder. Check Ryobi bench grinder latest prices here>>

Ryobi Bench Grinder Features

Classically designed, this amazing bench grinder has some improved features including a very long lasting induction motor, integrated LED working light and adjustable tools among other amazing features. Its portability makes it highly recommended for home and workshop use and also aids its mobility and easy carriage from one place to the other. This bench grinder not only ensures smoothening of metallic or wooden equipment, its amazing features also ensures its one hundred percent efficiency.

In this article, we will review the product; we will consider the key features of the bench grinder, what makes it special, general advantages and disadvantages. We will also grade the customer review and rate according to customer’s view and comments.

Ryobi Bench Grinder Description

Ryobi six inches bench grinder has some amazing features that have made it stand out among relative grinders. In this section, we will consider some f these features and also examine their impact on the usage of the bench grinder.

Heavy Motor

· The bench grinder features a very heavy 2.1 amp induction motor. This high power induction motor makes the operation of the RYOBI 6 inches highly efficient, dependable and smooth.

Integrated LED Light

· Unlike regular bench grinders, this RYOBI product features an integrated LED light. This work light provides better visibility and an ideal illumination while the grinder is in use. To enhance this work light, four other AAA batteries are added to make the work lights more effective.

Adjustable Tool Rest

· For ease and convenience of use, the six-inch bench grinder features tool rests that are adjustable. The flexibility of these tool rests makes it easier for the user to adjust any of the tools to his or her taste while using the bench grinder. Also, this flexibility of tools enhances the grinding control and the longevity.

Magnifying Glass Eye Protector

· RYOBI bench grinder also features a magnifying glass eye protector. This feature lessens eye accident during the use of the bench grinder, serving as personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workshop. The glass protector also has a magnifying lens that enlarges visibility when in use.

Heavy Gauge Steel Base

· The bench grinder has a heavy gauge steel base that helps to lessen the rate of vibration and also generally improves stability and smoothness when in use. This special feature offers steadiness in workplace and gets the work bench ready for work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ryobi 6-inch Bench Grinder

Ryobi bench grinder has lots of advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will consider the pros and cons of the bench grinder.

What Buyers Liked

· RYOBI bench grinder is quite easy to set up and use. The flexible and adjustable tools make it easier for users to use and understand. You don’t have to be a specialist in bench grinders to set up the machine.

· This bench grinder has less vibration rate compared to other similar bench grinders thanks to its heavy gauge steel base.

· The bench grinder is relatively safer to use compared to other bench grinders. This is because of the availability of a special magnifying glass shield to protect the eyes and increase visibility.

· It is durable and has high efficiency.

· It is quite portable and easily mobile.

· It is relatively cheap and affordable.

· It has great customer review.

What Buyers Didn't Like

· The bench grinder is quite difficult to fix when faulty.

· Its portability makes it ineffective for all kinds of sharpening, especially when it comes to heavy workshop equipment.

Is The Ryobi Bench Grinder Right For You?

RYOBI bench grinder is generally an amazing portable bench grinder with wonderful features and great customer review. It is regarded as one of the most wonderful 6-inch bench grinders ever and is recommended for workshops and garages. Read more here >>


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