Porter-Cable Bench Grinder Review


Have you been searching for the perfect tool for completing your DIY projects such as sharpening, grinding or even tool cutting? Well, we recommend that you consider investing in a bench grinder as the ideal addition to completing your unique mechanical projects. In particular, we recommend that you consider the Porter-Cable PCB525BG with variable speed due its solid performance features and design quality as well. Check latest prices here>>

Since the first ever grinder was introduced in the mechanical tools world, the typical features of some of these things have improved, which makes them essential additions for any DIY projects or even professional grinding projects. The added benefit of using this Porter Cable variable speed bench grinder is that it comes with additional safety features as well. The following are some of the important features that you will come across in a porter cable bench grinder review:

Porter-Cable Bench Grinder Features

Variable speeds

This Porter Cable bench grinder provides variable speeds with the convenient upfront-located knob that provides superior speeds of as much as 2,000 to 3400RPM. As a result, this unit provides sufficient control over the speeds with regards to the specific type of material that is used. The benefit of using the variable speeds is that it makes it perfect for sharpening, grinding and surface preparation on various types of materials. As a result, you can easily use this mechanical tool for improving the quality of your lawn mower blades, garden tools, and even knives as well. Unlike the conventional grinders, the motor in this unit is also silent in operation

Customizable tool rest

Further lending to the superior feature set of this tool is that it comes with two-piece tool rest that can be customized for wheel wear and it also helps to guarantee precision angles. The perfect section of the bench grinder comes with a pre-cast groove to allow for drill bit sharpening capabilities. With the inclusion of the added cast iron base, this unit provides optimal stability, and it also reduces the vibration levels which might compromise its functionality. With the inclusion of the customizable die-cast aluminum tool rest that also have grooves, this bench grinder porter cable easily qualifies as the ideal addition for your needs.

Inbuilt work light

Similar to all the top quality bench grinder that are available out there today, this grinder comes with a flexible gooseneck 40 W lamp that provides optimal illumination in your designated work area. Furthermore, it also comes with a separate on and off switch for added user convenience.

Thin housing profile and wheel dresser

The Porter Cable bench grinder also allows for longer, larger work pieces including lawn mower blades to be easily positioned on the grinding section for optimal impact. The manufacturers of this unit have also done well to include the wheel dresser, which can be used for grinding and reshaping purposes. This wheel is conveniently store in the back section of the grinder as a safety feature and for added convenience.

Medium and coarse wheels

This bench grinder also improves your grinding capabilities with the inclusion of both the medium and coarse wheel for customized grinding results. Besides that, these particular grinding wheels are included for different functionalities and varios grinding purposes as well. Best of all, this unit also features a cast iron base that has rubber feet for improved durability, and it also works well to reduce the effects of vibration when it is in functionality.

What Buyers Liked

This Cable bench grinder comes with medium and coarse wheels to suit various projects

The compact design makes it ideal for completing your projects around the workshop

The Porter-Cable PCB525BG comes with a thing housing profile and a wheel dresser

It also has an excellent LED that illuminates the work area with optimal lumens

What Buyers Didn't Like

It comes with a 6-foot cable, which tends to compromise functionality in your work area

Is The Porter-Cable Bench Grinder Right For You?

All things considered, choosing a good bench grinder plays an important role in the results that you can produce for any given grinding project. This is why we recommend that you consider the Porter-Cable PCB525BG due its exceptional mechanical features. From the variable tool speeds, wheel dresser, the thin housing profile and the in built work light, this unit is tailor-made for unrivaled performance. Read more here>>


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