Jet Bench Grinder

Jet Bench Grinder

The Jet Bench Grinder is the best bench grinder for medium and small-sized shops. It gives excellent results and can bear heavy loads. It removes rust and burs, buffs, sharpens and cleans perfectly. Stability is the best part as it has rubber at the base which does not allow much movement. There is absolutely no vibration during operation. Almost every part of it is heavy duty. Check latest prices here >>

Jet Bench Grinder Description

These are the qualities of the Jet bench grinder:

  • The bench grinder has amazing shaping, sharpening, and deburring capabilities and can remove material fast.
  • It is accompanied with 2 grinding wheels which are vitrified, one of them is fine and the other is coarse.
  • It has a power of 1 HP and runs even in a single phase. At 115 volt the grinder runs at a speed of 3450 RPM.
  • The wheel diameter is 8 inches, they are 1 inch wide and have an arbor of ⅝ inches.
  • The spark guards and eye shields are easily adjustable and the switch is guarded.
  • It comes with cast iron wheel guards and they come with ports to collect dust which makes it the most efficient grinder.
  • Spindle Thread Size: ⅝ inch
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 inches, 36 grit, and 60 grit
  • It comes with pre-lubricated and completely closed ball bearings.
  • The eye-shields are large enough for easy adjustment.

Currently there are 81 customer reviews on 44 people have rated the product 5 star, 15 have rated 4 star, 5 have rated 3, 8 have rated 2 and only 9 have rated 1 star. This means that 73% of the customers have given a high rating for the product.

Jet Bench Grinder Pros

  1. It is a great product for a small shop and medium sized shops.

  2. It has a great build quality and has smooth functioning.

  3. There are no vibrations while running and makes less noise.

  4. Highly stable on mounting.

  5. This a powerful grinder.

  6. It is a great replacement for a ½ HP grinder.

  7. It does the job in a fraction of a time as compared to low power grinders.

  8. Awesome product at this price as compared to the same quality grinders made in the USA.

  9. It has a quick start-up facility.

  10. The grinder is good for commercial use too.

  11. The grinder is good for sharpening mower blades.

  12. It has a great finish. The screws are so tight that it needs an impact screwdriver if you want to open it.


  1. Needs extra time to stop as it has lots of momentum and power.

  2. Jet 578100 Led light cannot be fixed due to no mounting holes.

  3. If you want to lower and extend the tool rest, you will need a new tool rest fabrication.

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Jet Bench Grinder 8 inch is one of the best grinders in the 8-inch grinder community. It is a Taiwanese product but runs great and has a great quality. It suits small and medium shops and also suits commercial use. It sits in a small place, is highly stable and heavy duty. It does not make noise or vibrates. The fit and finish of the product are great. It has received 73% positive reviews by customers on amazon. It is a great buy. Similar products are available on amazon with the same rating but this is the best product as reviewed by customers. also provides the product in a great package and offers easy return and exchange policies to its customers.

So if you are looking for a great grinder in a small price range, then go for this. This is an amazing buy. Read more here >>

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