Dayton Bench Grinder Review

The Dayton Bench Grinder includes many of the standard features that machinists and do it yourself hobbyists look for. There are two grinding wheels included, one at 36 and the other at 60 grit levels. It includes a tool guide, an eye protector and an exhaust port to guide particles away from the machine and work area. It weighs in at 39 pounds which is pretty heavy and should help with vibration etc. The Dayton Bench Grinder can also be bolted down on a work bench or work table for additional support and safety. Check latest prices here >>

Dayton Bench Grinder Features

The following list of features and specifications will be of interest to potential buyers.

Grinder wheel diameter – 6 inches

Grinder wheel – 36 and 60 grit

Wheel width – ¾ inches

Arbor size – ½ inch

Dust collector – yes

Adjustable light 60 hertz – yes

Ratcheting tool Rests – yes adjustable

Eye shields – yes adjustable

Spark arrestors - yes

Horse power – 1/3

Voltage – 115

Amperage – 3.5

RPM (no load) – 2000 - 3000

Phases – 1

Length – 19 ¼ inches

Height – 10 ½ inches

Exhaust port size – 2 ½ inches

Cord – 6 foot

Weight – 39.2 pounds

Is The Dayton Bench Grinder Right For You?

The Dayton Bench Grinder comes with lots of features and has a great 5 stars rating. There are two wheels, one on each end, and a 36 and 60 grit wheel are supplied. There is also an adjustable eye guard, an adjustable tool rest and an exhaust vent. A spark arrestor is also supplied to minimize the chances of wayward sparks causing problems in the workshop. The grinder comes with 60 hertz light which can be adjusted to suit the job underway.

While there is an eye guard, operators are reminded to always use protective safety glasses when working with this type of equipment. Sparks can easily fly towards your face and damage your eyes.

The grinder spins up very quickly to 3000 rpm and does not vibrate. This is a great grinder, however it is aimed at consumer use and not meant for commercial use. Read more here >>


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