Craftsman Bench Grinder Review


The Craftsman bench grinder comes with tool rests, eye shields, spark guards and a water cooling tray. There is also a light to help operators illuminate their work. This Craftsman bench grinder also has a variable speed motor to accommodate various situations needed by consumers. This product represents good value for the money and is considered a consumer product. It would not be conceded a commercial product to be used in commercial operations.

Craftsman Bench Grinder Features

The following features and specifications are listed below for the Craftsman bench grinder model 21154. Check latest prices here >>

Tool Rests – yes, large and adjustable

Water cooling tray – yes

Eye Shields – yes

Spark Guard – yes

HP – 1.5 horse power electric motor

AMPs – 2.5 amps

Special Feature – variable speed

Speed – 2000 – 3400 RPM no load

Light - yes

Weight – 30.8 pounds

Dimensions – 15 inches, 12.6 inches by 12.2 inches

Power – Electric, 115 volts

Warranty – 1 year

Great star rating

There were over 40 reviews for the Craftsman bench grinder. 81 % of the reviewers of this Craftsman bench grinder gave a 4 out of 5 star review or better for this variable speed grinder. The remaining 19% rated the craftsman bench grinder 3 stars or lower.

Several customers wanted to know if this is a good grinder to sharpen chisels. The answer from one customer indicates that you need to purchase a wider grinder wheel and sharpen chisels at a lower speed to keep the heat down. The grinding wheels that come with the grinder when it is delivered are average finishing wheels. There are other types of wheels that can be purchased that will do a finer job of grinding.

What Craftsman Bench Grinder Buyers Liked

Craftsman has a reputation for high quality products and tools. Several customers mentioned that they are long term buyers of craftsman tools. A consistent message in the positive reviews section is that this craftsman table grinder is not of the same quality that they are used to. Even though they may have given a 4 or 5 rating, it is not as good as what they expected from Craftsman.

Variable Speed and Larger Tool Rest

Some customers like the variable speed feature, while others really do not see a use for it. The price is right and it does not take a lot of space. They also liked the larger tool rest and the light for illuminating the working area for the 6 inch craftsman bench grinder.

Many customers are very happy with their purchase, easy to assemble. They like the tool guides and the shields for your eyes. One customer recommended that operators should always wear eye protection when using the grinder. This is a standard recommendation in all manuals for grinders.

They found the craftsman 6 inch bench grinder smooth, quiet and very easy to use.

With 31 positive craftsmen bench grinder reviews, some very positive, about the craftsman 6in bench grinder it is hard to see how there could be negative reviews. However, there were 3 reviews that were quite negative.

What buyers didn't like

Several customers were very unhappy with the craftsman bench grinder they received. From burning out the power cord, to a weak motor that needed to have the wheel spun to get it started, they really could not understand how Craftsman would support such a product. One customer, even mentioned that a friend of his had one and did not have any problems at all, while his was a piece of junk. 

Is The Craftsman Bench Grinder Right For You?

The majority of buyers gave the craftsman 21154 bench grinder a 4 or 5 rating and expressed their satisfaction with the product. Some mentioned that the bench grinder from craftsman does not measure up to expectations associated with Craftsman, however they were still very satisfied with the product.

It comes with a tool guide on each grinding wheel, eye guards for each wheel, two grinding wheels, a light for your work and a water cooler. Various grinding wheels can be purchased to fit with this grinder depending on the project you have.

Several customers experienced a very poor quality product situation including burned out power chord and a motor that would not start without help. They actually had to spin the wheel to get it started. Read more here >>


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