Dayton Bench Grinder Review

The Dayton Bench Grinder includes many of the standard features that machinists and do it yourself hobbyists look for. There are two grinding wheels included, one at 36 and the other at 60 grit levels.

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Metabo Bench Grinder Review

Blunt or rusted workshop cutting equipment can be quite challenging to use. Asides the fact that it requires more human effort to be as close as effective as it originally is, it unnecessarily wastes valuable

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Porter-Cable Bench Grinder Review

Have you been searching for the perfect tool for completing your DIY projects such as sharpening, grinding or even tool cutting? Well, we recommend that you consider investing in a bench grinder as the

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Ryobi Bench Grinder Review

Most of the time, equipment used in workshops tend to lose their sharpness and effectiveness. It might be as a result of rust, presence of large chunk of impurities or other related factors. Equipment

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Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder

A variable speed bench grinder is a highly effective power tool that is highly versatile and can be used for multiple types of projects. These items come in handy for sharpening and buffing tool tips

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Skil Bench Grinder Review

The Skil 6 inch bench grinder develops 3450 rpm drawing 2.2 amps on a 115 volt circuit. The Skil 6 bench grinder comes with tool rests, eye guards and LED light for each wheel. It can sit on a work bench

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Sunex Bench Grinder Review

The Sunex tools bench grinder is packed with features. There are two grinder wheels, one is a medium 60 grit grinder. The other is a 36 grit grinder wheel. There is a light and a protective eye cover to

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TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder

TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder and Polisher

Are you a hobbyist in wood working, jewelry making, or some other area where you are using a lot of tools? Well, then you might have been considering getting a bench grinder, but don’t think you need

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Wen Bench Grinder Guide

The Ultimate Bench Grinder Guide

A bench grinder is a key tool for any home shop. The main function of bench grinders is to keep your other tools in top working condition. Mainly this is done by keeping cutting blades sharp. The reason

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Bench Grinder Buying Guide

Buying The Best Bench Grinder

When looking at bench grinders and trying to figure out which is the best bench grinder for you there are a few basic things to consider. One is you have to think about what you are going to be using

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