Baldor Bench Grinder Review

If you are looking for a sturdy, powerful bench grinder then you have come to the right place. Please take the time to read below all of the features and benefits of this piece of equipment. We are here to serve all of the pros and cons of this product and will give you an unbiased view of what we think the value of this product truly is.

Baldor Bench Grinder Basics

First, we will start off with some of the basics regarding the Baldor bench grinder. This section will help you determine if this is the right product for you. There are a lot of convenient features related to this product which we will be discussing throughout the course of this article. To say that this is anything like your regular grinder would be an absolute understatement. Check latest prices >>

The Baldor 662R grinder is head and shoulders above any other of its kind within the same class. There is no competition when it comes to the overall performance of this machine. Not only does it have an amazing life cycle, but the quality of work that it can perform is outstanding. The .33 horsepower motor hums at a very quiet level for any grinder which is a huge selling feature. The 6" wheel and 3600RPM motor attached to this grinder come with a three-year warranty but there is very little chance that this will ever be used. The overall weight of this product is 27lbs. The way this unit was built has been engineered with excellent balance and weight distribution.

Top Quality American-made Bench Grinder

There has been much discussion of the quality and craftsmanship that has since diminished over the years. This is not an issue with this strong, American-made product. Forged from the strongest steel around and built by those who know quality, this Baldor bench grinder surpasses any and all expectations. The stronger quality and longer lasting power of Baldor has made this a fan favourite for those who have a lot of work in their garage.

The Baldor bench grinder reviews are 5-star reviews. There is rarely a product out there that receives unanimous praise such as this model. The key features that propel this model are that the noise level is extremely low and the long lasting life cycle of this product is surprisingly long!

Powerfull Motor

The overall power of this motor allows the user to complete their task in a timely manner without worrying about malfunctions or not being able to carry the workload. This performance will occur time and time again and definitely make the user feel even more at ease at making a better investment in a piece of equipment that they know will give them the performance they wanted.

The Price Is High

Perhaps the only downfall that was received by any of the users was that the price was too high. This has always and will always be an issue for some people. The true cost of something is not just what the sticker price is on something, but instead, it should be based on what you get for your money and how that product compares to other units in the same category. For example, if I pay $50 more for a bench grinder, I would expect it to last longer or perform better. If I value that over $50 then this product has now earned that value and has saved me time and money by me not having to replace parts or get the machine repaired. That is where the true value of a product lies.

High Quality Materials

By doing a general breakdown of the actual parts, we can determine that all of the components that go into this machine are of quality and durability. This ensures that you will be getting a top of the line, quality product which will accommodate all of your needs. When things are constructed with quality materials, you will then, in turn, receive a quality product. This is what will help you get the job done in a worry-free fashion.

The engineering of this product took into account the noise level which has always been a thorn in most peoples' side. What they have done here was to be able to reduce the noise level to bring it to a decibel that is not only quieter than most, but it has brought it down to a very comfortable level so as not to pierce your ears and leave you with a ringing in your ears at the end of the day.

Is The Baldor Bench Grinder Right Foy You?

After countless reviews and journal entries, it has become abundantly clear that the cream does rise to the top and in this case, it can be said that the Baldor bench grinder is one of those creams that has definitely risen to the top of the heap in its class!

For those who are going to be constantly using this product or those similar to this one, it can be said that three key elements seem to stand out when it comes to decision time in terms of buying a new unit: performance power, life cycle and noise level. When it comes to all of these needs in a wish list, it is safe to say that the Baldor bench grinder is the only choice for you! Read more here >>


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